Monday, August 30, 2010


BRINK is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Splash Damage and inspired by the Seasteading movement, it is set to release in Spring 2011 after having been delayed twice. It offers team-based multiplayer missions with authored narratives, persistent player characters and an approachable nature. It is also developer Splash Damage's first original title, as past titles were part of franchises.

In Brink, two sides, "Resistance" and "Security", fight in the utopian city known as The Ark, a floating city surrounded by the waters of a flooded Earth. The Ark was designed as a prototype of a perfect city, with renewable resources and no pollution, large enough to support 5,000 residents. However, due to many refugees entering the city from other parts of the world, its population has grown to 50,000, meaning there are not enough resources to go around - resulting in the city being on the brink (hence the name of the game) of a civil war.
Brink will feature Steamworks integration, including Valve Anti-Cheat. Its technology is id Tech 4 with a new rendering framework and improved support for multiple CPU cores.

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I for one think this game looks a lot better then CoD Black ops. It has a very open field of character customization as well as the game story line it self.


  1. I love the customization on this game, APB had awesome customization without being as action packed as this. Can't wait.

  2. I'm seriously excited for this game. It looks so damn fun! I only just heard about it... maybe a month ago.

  3. I bought it on steam thinking it was going to come out within the next week or so like an idiot. I hope its good or I spent 50 bucks way ahead of time for nothing.

  4. I've never been into PC gaming, but this looks good

  5. wow sounds like a dope game

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